The high performance mindset learning and development initiative has been developed over the past 20 years by Professor Michael E. Bernard with support from colleagues over the past several decades. His work in high performance mindset training was initiated while working as the first sport psychologist of a major Australian football team and while consulting with financial services giant, AMP.

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HPMW programs are based on the science and research in high performance and leadership drawn from the fields of positive psychology including psychological capital and character strengths, positive organisational leadership, emotional intelligence, brain science, cognitive-behavioural science, social-emotional learning, resilience training and rational effectiveness training.

For more information, click (or download) The High Performance Mindset at Work Learning and Development Initiative. A Guide for Implementing Leadership, Management, Coaching and Human Resource Practices.

Events of Recent Significance

November, 2015 – Michael Bernard’s keynote at Sales 2.0 Conference (Philadelphia, USA) and co-leads with Gerhard Gschwandtner one-day High Performance Mindset Train-the-Trainer (Sales) for facilitators and trainers.

September, 2015 – Michael Bernard’s keynotes and workshops at the annual conference of the National Employment Services Association

August, 2015 – Michael Bernard forms partnership with Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of SellingPower (USA) to develop programs for sale’s organisations (leaders, managers, salespeople) in mindset development.

October, 2014 – The Australian Scholarships Group renews its agreement with The Bernard Group to publish resources and distribute You Can Do It! Education in Australia and New Zealand.

October, 2014 – Launch of, Australia’s first on-line program designed to provide parents with the knowledge and skills derived from the fields of positive psychology and parenting in order to raise highly successful and emotionally healthy children parent E-learning programs; Parent Insight Articles; E-learning programs for children and adolescents; ParentingWorks Newsletter, blogs).

September, 2014 – Michael Bernard’s groundbreaking work in conducting high performance team training with the Collingwood Football Club as their sport psychologist

May, 2014 – The Australian Scholarship Group renews for the sixth time covering over 20 years an agreement to publish and distribute You Can Do It! Education in Australia and New Zealand.

September, 2013 – The HPMW mindset program receives platinum award for its innovative learning and development program (Learn X).

August, 2013 – Launch of the HPMW initiative at a workshop presented by Michael Bernard the third international conferences of the International Positive Psychology Association in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

July, 2013 – International launch of the HPMW E-learning, blended learning for leadership and management in Melbourne, Singapore.

April, 2013 – Publication of Michael Bernard’s, The Strength of Self-acceptance. New York: Springer, pp. 288.

June, 2012 – Publication of Michael Bernard’s E-book (third edition), Procrastinate Later! How to Motivate Yourself to Do It Now.

June, 2011 – Publication of Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Legacy of Albert Ellis. London: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 305.

August, 2010 – You Can Do It! Education recognised by The Age (newspaper) as Australia’s leading social and emotional learning program being used in over 5,000 schools.

January, 2009 – Michael Bernard, Nicki Magnum and Daniel Urbach The Social-Emotional Well-Being Surveys (Second Edition). Published by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

June, 2009 – HPMW for schools (You Can Do It! Education) translated in Romanian and distributed by Romanian Psychological Testing Services.

June, 2007 – Publication of Program Achieve., 3rd Edition. (Oakleigh, Vic: Australian Scholarships Group; Priorslee, Telford (ENG): Time Marque, pp. 1,200).

October, 2005 – Publication of Michael Bernard’s The You Can Do It! Community Adult Education Program: Developing the “Self-Belief” and Empowerment Tools for Being Successful and Happy. Telford (ENG): Time Marque, pp. 115.

January, 2000 – Distribution of professional development program Sales Stars, Training Package for Developing the Attitudes for Sales’ Success, produced by Eve Ash, Peter Quarry and Michael Bernard.


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