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The Bernard Group offers organisations an array of on-line surveys that measure high performance (click). These surveys completed by employees anonymously are designed to be to capture their views on different aspect of the performance of their organisation (e.g., productivity, innovation, teamwork) as well as their own capabilities associated with high performance (e.g., mindset; effectiveness in tough situations; leadership behaviour; values in action).

Typically, all employees in a department or division complete one of more surveys. The data they provide are summarised are in a High Performance Audit (click) that is provided to an organisation’s executive or management team that contains graphs, tables and supporting descriptions of strengths and opportunities for growth of those groups completing the surveys.

These surveys have also been used to evaluate the before to after effects of high performance mindset training workshops.

Many of the surveys are tailored to include items that reflect the characteristics of the organisation including specific challenging situations, what productivity look like, an organisation’s specific values in action and ‘high impact’ leadership behaviours.

Summary of High Performance Surveys

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Our flagship survey is The High Performance Mindset at Work. For the first time ever, an organisation can receive a profile of employee mindset across departments and levels (executive, management, employee) including: Commitments to Success (self-direction, growth, optimism, creativity, high frustration tolerance), Commitment to Others (acceptance of others, empathy, respect, support, feedback) and Commitment to Self (positive self-regard, self-acceptance, authenticity, positive focus, healthy living) and Behavioural Strengths (self-management, confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along). Additionally, profiles are provided of ‘internal’ work performance blocker: anger, anxiety, feeling down and procrastination.

Another valued survey Indicators of High Performing Organisations that allows for employee ratings of seven indicators of work performance that distinguish high- from low-performing workplaces (productivity-profitability, innovation, leadership, teamwork, employee wellbeing, fairness and customer focus).

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When an organisation’s employees (executive, managers, staff) complete one or more high performance surveys, an audit is provided that summarises different aspects of organisational and employee performance including high performance mindset. Data is summarised at group rather than individual level.

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